Orca Two Read Books

  • Orca Two Read Books help children of all abilities achieve reading success.

  • Are you looking for decodable books with engaging stories for 6 to 9 year old emerging readers?

    Look no further!

    Orca Two Read Books is a series of decodable phonics stories for children ages 6–9 who are learning to read. The stories are designed for all emerging readers and have features that are especially helpful for children with a language-learning challenge such as dyslexia or with English as an additional language.

  • Orca Two Read Books are designed for shared reading between a child learning to read and an experienced reader. The stories have special features to help a child with dyslexia or another language-based learning difficulty find reading success. The books are for:

    • Six-to-nine-year-old kids who are learning to read
    • Kids with dyslexia or another language-learning difficulty
      who benefit from learning with a structured approach
    • English language learners 
    • Your books are amazing. I was just trained in OG and have a fifth grade student who has been resistant to reading other books. I bought the first Meg and Greg book and she is loving it.  I’ve ordered the next two. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource. The market is in need of many more books like this. All kids deserve to find books they are able to enjoy.

      Kris Kulevsky
      Orton-Gillingham teacher in Minneapolis